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TOMBLC MANDATORY Game Sheet Procedures 2023

TOMBLC Game Sheet Procedure

  1. Ensure that game numbers are written on Game Sheet. All game numbers are listed on each team page and on the PMLA Schedule.

  2. Use blue or black pens only to ensure readability.

  3. Game Finished – Complete Game Sheet 

  4. Referees distribute pink (winner) and gold (losing team) to coaches or their team manager.

  5. Coach or Manager of HOME team will take a mobile scan (using a sanning app) of the White Copy of the score sheet.  Image must be readable when enlarged and ensure all information including Game # and Penalties are shown.

  6. Coach or Manager of HOME team will EMAIL digital photo of game sheet within 24 hours to: and their Division Commissioner. TOMBLC commission has the discretion to deduct 2 points for teams who do not email electronic game sheets with 24 hours of completion of game.  File or subject of email naming convention: [Game #]_[Home vs Away]_[Date], i.e. BND-006_Penticton2 vs Kamloops3_Apr23

  7. White Paper copies deposited at game venues must be physically mailed to Commissioners no less frequently than once per week and received by the Division Commissioner within 10 days (Article A -2 TOMBLC Operating Policy).  This procedure offers improved real-time tracking necessary for Commissioners to perform their duties.

  8. All call-ups MUST have the appropriate one game permit paperwork and player(s) must be CLEARLY marked on the scoresheet with the designation ‘Call-up' or 'AP' beside their name.  Coaches may also photograph call up forms and digitally submit call-up information to (other forms of documentation will not be accepted). 

  9. Please ensure that all information is recorded correctly through to duplicate copies (e.g., stickers and line edits to rosters must be carried through consistently to all pages).


NOTE:  Where any game sheet has a match penalty recorded on it, the appropriate Commissioner must be phoned within 24 hours.


How to Fill Out a Box Lacrosse Score Sheet
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