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FORMAT: Teams play 4 GAMES each in ROUND ROBIN play with FINAL GAME based on round robin points.

RULES: Games will be played under these rules and BCLA and Lacrosse Canada Rules & Regulations. This tournament adheres to Regulation 14: Tournaments of Minor Directorate Operating Policy.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All players must be properly registered with BCLA. Players in all divisions can only play in two games per day (this includes “call-up players”).



  • Game sheets will be provided before each game and dressing rooms will be assigned.

  • Teams must be ready to go on the floor at the scheduled floor time.

  • All games will have five minutes for warm-up followed by three fifteen-minute straight time periods.

  • There will be a two-minute break between periods.

  • The tournament committee reserves the right to modify this format to keep the tournament on time.

  • At the end of each game teams will shake hands and line up on the rag line. A MVP award will be handed out to one player from each team. It will be the responsibility of the team coaches to pick a player from your own team.


HOME TEAM: The Home Team will be the first team listed on the schedule. The Home Team will be responsible to change jerseys if there is a color conflict. Be sure to bring your light and dark set of jerseys.


POINTS AND STANDINGS: 5 points per round robin game will be awarded as follows: 1 point for each PERIOD WIN; ½ point for each PERIOD TIE; 2 points for each GAME win, 1 point for each GAME TIE.


NO OVERTIME IN ROUND ROBIN: Point totals from the round robin games will determine standing for the playoff games. In the event that teams are tied at the end of the round robin, the Tie Breaking Formula will be in order as follows:

  1. Team head to head results will break the tie

  2. Lowest Penalty Minutes will receive higher placing

  3. Lowest Total Goals against will be placed higher

  4. In the event teams are still tied, then a coin toss will determine first place.

Games tied in the Final Game will be broken by twenty minute stop time sudden victory periods.



  1. Players with outstanding suspensions must serve their suspension(s) prior to playing in any tournament games.

  2. Suspensions received during this tournament will carry over to regular league play.

  3. Team officials (i.e. coach and/ or manager) are responsible for the conduct of their players and parents on tournament property. Offences committed at a tournament are punishable by the Tournament Commissioner, should it be deemed necessary.

  4. The tournament committee reserves the right to remove from the tournament any player, coach or spectator that behaves in a manner considered inappropriate for a minor sporting event.

Please ensure all dressing rooms are clean at the end of the every game. Any room left in poor condition will result in a fine being issued to the offending team by rink management and a letter drafted to their home association.

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